Silky Cream Cleaner

A unique non-scratching, non-abrasive cream which effectively removes dirt and grime without damaging or interfering with PVC or plastic surfaces. Its antistatic properties reduce the need for frequent cleaning. Virtually unchanged for over 40-years!

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Frequently asked questions.

Where can I use SILKY Cream Cleaner?

You can use it on any glass fibre, PVC or GRP surface… shower trays, garden furniture, PVC doors and many more in addition to your boat or leisure vehicle.

Do SILKY products have a shelf life?

No. If kept in a cool dry environment they should last for many years.

Is it any good on renovating and protecting dull/faded GRP panels on caravans?

Silky cream cleaner is excellent for removing years of muck and traffic film. It should bring your caravan up almost like new.

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