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At Silky Leisure we are a proud British manufacturer of cleaning, restoration and maintenance products priding ourselves on the personal service and backup to our retailer network.
Caravan Cleaner Products from Silky Leisure Products have been manufactured and sold into the Caravan and Motorhome Leisure sector all over the UK and overseas from our bases in Yorkshire for over 40 years. We are the home of the incredibly effective Caravan, Boat and PVC Cleaner – Silky Cream. Our products are available from all major leisure retailers, wholesale distributors and online outlets.

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Silky Cream Cleaner, unchanged for over 40 years.

Silky Cream Cleaner is a unique non-scratching, non-abrasive cream which effectively removes dirt and grime without damaging or interfering with PVC or plastic surfaces.

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Silky Dry & Shine Waterless Detailer

Silky Dry & Shine – is a waterless motorhome and caravan cleaner suitable for final detailing or valeting of premium high gloss finishes such as plastic mouldings, bright work and paintwork.


Silky Deep Cleaner
User Review

This motorhome and caravan cleaning product is “ready to use” and needed no dilution. Using our long-handled soft brush and a small amount of cold water, we rinsed off the Silky Products Deep Clean product and taking with it, all traces of flies, wasps, blood, splats and anything else you care to mention! There had been numerous infamous black streaks within the confines of the Luton – these too were soon a thing of the past.

Russell Whiteley

See the review of some of our products on Youtube.

The popular channel Trudgians carried out a demo of how to clean the back of a caravan using the Silky range of products. The results are stunning.

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Discover the clean range in the Silky products category of our popular caravan cleaning solution.

The beginning of the touring season means many leisure vehicles are ready for a deep clean. And just like this caravan, many haven’t been cleaned since the end of the season last year.

Caravan Cleaner Silky Leisure Maintain Range demonstration and tips

Keeping a caravan or motorhome clean and fresh while on holiday can be a tricky task especially with limited resources on site. Silky have some handy products that can assist keeping the surface of the tourer clean, fresh and free of contaminants.

Caravan Cleaner Silky Leisure Restore Range Demonstration and Tips

Caravan and motorhome exteriors will fade to a grey and cloudy surface over time, especially on older vehicles. As the surface degrades, keeping the shell looking clean and smart becomes more difficult the longer it is left. Thankfully there is a solution in just 3 easy steps to restore the exterior to its former glory.