Instazorb 28 Litre Bag


InstaZorb is completely natural absorbent !
Its base is a volcanic rock extracted in Greece and Turkey.
It is then fully dehydrated in an oven.
Providing you the best NATURAL absorbent on Earth and extracted from the ground!

Perfect for those unforeseen spillages when you least expect it!

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Without risks for the respiratory tract (they must not contain crystalline silica)

Greater performance (absorption power and reaction lapse)

More ergonomic ( 3 kilos of weight for every 30 litres standard bag )

Less costly disposal (ISO 14001)

Greater polyvalence, with capacity to absorb every kind of liquid (based on non organic products)

An ecological product that respects the environment:

Absorbents that won’t reject the liquid once absorbed, whatever the liquid (oil, gasoline, paint…)

A non-flammable product (once a liquid such as an oil or a hydrocarbon has been absorbed, the absorbent should not be consumed)

A product as light as possible to facilitate its handling ( generally absorbent bags weigh between 12 to 20 kilos)

A product that can absorb on top of metallic supports without damaging them (non-abrasive )

A non skid product

A product that reduces the storing surface (1 bag equals 2 bags of clay based absorbent )